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Introduction to Podium Reviews Management

Welcome to Podium Reviews!

This is an advanced Online Customer Review Management system. It is designed to help you increase the number of reviews and improve your average review rating on Google.

More reviews with a better average rating will help increase trust and provide comfort when prospects make a decision between you and your competitors.

Depending on your access – you will see seven choices at the top of the Podium Reviews dashboard:

  1. Dashboard
  2. Analytics
  3. Reviews
  4. Leaderboard
  5. Team
  6. Locations
  7. Settings

The Dashboard Tab

The dashboard is a high-level overview of how your company is doing. In the upper left, you have your monthly goal.

Moving to the right, a progress bar, overall rating and number of reviews. The overall rating is always accurate, but is often ahead of Google (so don’t be surprise if the numbers aren’t always the same).

Below the top row – you can quickly scan your most recent customer reviews on the left. On the right, you can get a sense for how many reviews you’ll have at the end of the year based on your current activity level.

The Analytics Tab

This a streamlined version of the Dashboard – if you want to quickly assess your progress.

The Review Tab

This page provides a powerful way to find reviews – what’s we find interesting is the ability to locate reviews that mention a particular individual within your company. Especially, if you want to reward them!

You can also look at reviews solicited by a person within your company – more on this as we move to the next tab: Leaderboard.

The Leaderboard Tab

This Podium Reviews page is 100% about internal competition. If your company gets more and better reviews – it will do better, it will lift sales. Nothing like a little friendly contest to get it done!

You, and everyone else at your company, can see who has sent the most review requests, how many reviews they’ve collected and what the average ratings is for those reviews.

Good Luck!

The Team Tab

This is a directory of all participants – with the exception of the account owner (they’re there, but hidden).

The Locations Tab

This shows all of the locations where we’re actively seeking Podium reviews, with a nice graph of performance by location.

The Settings Tab

This page is reserved for the account owner, administrator (that’s us) and team leaders. It controls our goal metric, how the texts look and what types of reviews we want to collect (in what order).

Sending an Invite

Now for the most important part of this introduction – sending invites.

On every page, in the upper right, you’ll see this little, green button. It is labeled “Send Review Invite”.

Just click it to reveal a very simple form. Now enter the customer’s, employee’s or vendor’s full name and mobile phone number (if you don’t have their mobile number, you can use their email address – but texts are about ten times more likely to get a review over an email invite). Now hit send and you’re ready for the next customer (read more from Podium Reviews on sending review requests).


That’s it!

Now you know how to move around the Podium application on your desktop. The next step is to download the Podium application on your mobile phone.

Just search the app store for Podium – click Get or Install. Once you have the app on your phone, login using the same email and password.

Now you can send invites easily from your phone!