27 07, 2015

Linkedin Marketing Tip: Skills are Social Proof – Take Advantage

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When people visit your profile, the skills section testifies to your professional competence. And, according to Linkedin - profiles with skills get more 13 times more views than those without. From a Linkedin marketing perspective - that means you need to pay attention to this section. Photo courtesy of koka_sexton(CC Attribution)   Which Skills to [...]

22 07, 2015

Linkedin Marketing: How to Add Lead Capture to Your Profile

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  NOTE: Before you do what I've outlined below, make sure you've completed the Linkedin marketing steps listed in my blog post "15 Minute Makeover for Your Linkedin Profile".  Linkedin is one of the more powerful business-to-business social networks, but most people continue to use it like an online resume (which was its original intent). [...]

18 06, 2015

Social Media Marketing Tip: How to Keep Your Tweet-Tank Full!

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  In the world of social media marketing, there's nothing worse than learning a few days have gone by where, for whatever reason, you accidentally went silent on Twitter. You failed to post. Especially with the knowledge that most social success comes from posting valuable information consistently. It's how you cultivate an audience over time. [...]

28 05, 2015

Linkedin Marketing: How to Block Competitors from Tracking You

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  Here's the situation. You want to use Linkedin Marketing – finding and building relationships with the right people (influencers and decision makers) at companies or organizations you've targeted. What's holding you back is the thought of your competitors monitoring your profile for any new relationships. What's more is the fear that you'll do the [...]

26 05, 2015

#1 Content Strategy Tool for Going Berzerk Finding Relevant Content to Curate

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Updated: December 9, 2015 In 2014, Flipboard acquired Zite (which was officially shut down on Pearl Harbor Day – December 7th, 2015.  The update is really simple - with the exception of the paragraph on "What is Zite" you could basically replace Zite with Flipboard.   Note: This is a follow-up to the blog post [...]

21 05, 2015

15 Minute Makeover for Your Linkedin Profile

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Linkedin is arguably the best social media play for B2B. So, you have to ask yourself why you're treating it like an online resume (unless, of course, you're looking for another job). If you're happy where you are, you can make a couple of changes to your Linkedin profile (there are several other changes to [...]

14 05, 2015

How to Use Twitter for Business: Art of Attracting Twitter Influencers

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You're busy finding great content to post to Twitter - articles, white papers, blog posts, anything with a URL. It's a great play because you get to add value to your audience without the effort required to craft an original work. If you really want to catch this strategy on fire, harness the power of [...]

10 05, 2015

Bastardizing Nimble for Social Influencer Tracking

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Tracking the development of relationships with people who can influence the purchase of your products or services is a good idea. A really good idea if you're into growing your business. As part of the process, you'll get to know them better (where they're from, who they write for, their birthdays, what social media accounts they [...]

7 04, 2015

Quick Hack to Get Your Executives Active on Twitter & Facebook

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This is a quick hack to get your executives participating on Twitter in a meaningful and consistent way. As long as they read things that pertain to your business, this only requires a minor modification to their natural process. And, it will deliver at least three benefits: Influencers for your market will appreciate your thought [...]

25 08, 2012

Google+: Impact on Future Sales

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Answer these questions: Is publishing quality content with links to your website an important factor in improving your ranking on Google for specific keywords? Is your website built to capture leads? If so, what percentage of your visitors complete a lead capture form? Are leads important to sales? If you answered yes to all three [...]