12 08, 2015

Interactive Demonstration of MailChimp’s Email Marketing Automation

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  Everyone I talk to is totally into email marketing automation, but when I dig deeper - they haven't actually done any. Yet, this is one of the most productive tools available to today's marketer. Once you put together your sequences, you're free to do other impactful things to move your company forward. Those email [...]

19 05, 2015

Increase Email Campaign Open Rates: Combine Subject Split Testing & Send Twice

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These are two really simple, tried and true methods of improving your email campaign open rates. The first is available with most email marketing systems – split testing your campaign subject line. My preference for email marketing is MailChimp but I also like Pardot (quite a bit more expensive). MailChimp makes it super easy. Once [...]

14 04, 2014

20-Point Pilot’s Checklist for Sending a MailChimp Campaign

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    MailChimp like any other email marketing system, while not difficult, has some complexity that can become dangerous when part of a routine. That’s why pilots have a checklist. It’s to make sure the pilot actually checks everything before hopping in and taking off. Sending an email campaign is like taking off. If you [...]