Top 2 Most Important NetSuite SEO Actions

Top 2 Most Important NetSuite SEO Actions

The following excerpt from our Basic SEO Boot Camp outlines two NetSuite SEO Actions that will improve your website’s optimization for the search engines (keep in mind, while optimization of your website accounts for less than 30% of Google’s search algorithm, it’s still important):

NetSuite SEO Actions

NetSuite SEO Action #1: Writing Title Tags

Why should you pay attention to the Title Tag for NetSuite SEO? To be blunt, it is arguably the most effective place to use a keyword to achieve high rankings. But it is also a prospect facing component of your marketing. People will see it, and they’ll see it first. In fact, it may be their first impression of your brand. That’s why it’s a challenge. The closer you put a keyword to the beginning, the better it will perform for Google. However, placing your keyword first may look odd to the humans who see it. You’ll have to achieve a balance if you want more from your keywords than just a high ranking on Google – in other words, if you want people to visit your site as a result.

Think of the Title Tag as the first line of an Ad. That’s because it is the first line that Google shows when a page appears in a Google search result. In essence, you have 70 characters or less (but not less than 8) to get a qualified searcher’s attention, while simultaneously repelling all others. After 70 characters, Google will show an ellipsis (…). After 70 characters your effort is wasted.

The NetSuite SEO syntax for the Title Tag is:


It should be positioned between the Head tags. For NetSuite SEO, you can simply place your Title in the Page Title field:


Now let’s talk about what you’re going to put in place of “Example Title”. There are a number of approaches to the NetSuite SEO Title Tag. But keep in mind, converting the most qualified searchers to visitors is our goal. Here are some considerations:

Do you have a strong brand? If so, you may want to put your company name at the beginning of the tag. What is it that your qualified prospects are looking for? This is where you put an eye-catcher. This is where you have to be relevant to your prospects. For example, you could say “Job Hunting Tips” or “Discover Job Hunting Tips Most Graduates Don’t Know”. Which is more compelling? More on the NetSuite SEO sales pitch below.

NetSuite SEO Action #2: Writing Meta Description Tags

Why are Meta Description Tags Important for NetSuite SEO? There are two big reasons. First, Google uses this tag to complete the search result for your page. Second, this is where you’ll make a mini-sales pitch – sell the page you want the searcher to visit.


For NetSuite SEO, you’ll place this in the Meta Tag HTML field:


Google is going to look at the first 160 characters of your meta description tag. There are two important NetSuite SEO elements:

  1. Strategic Keyword(s) for Search Engine Optimization.
  2. Sales Pitch for Conversion (that is getting someone who views your search result and decides to click through).

NetSuite SEO: Keyword Placement
The Meta Keywords tag is not a direct SEO component (Google does not use this tag in their algorithm), so we’re not working to improve our search engine ranking with this tag. What we’re doing is akin AdWords advertising. When a searcher finds your ranked result (Ad) on Google, they are way more likely to click the “Ad” if it contains the keyword they used to find the result. It’s because the ad containing their keyword is, linguistically-speaking, close to their own expression of the concept.

NetSuite SEO: Sales Pitch
However you manage to get their attention, if you can’t compel them to click through to your website – the whole exercise was a waste of time. The Meta Description Tag is your big opportunity to sell what you’ve got. This is advertising copy – talk to them about the benefit of clicking through, or the avoidance of pain, fear, or frustration. Use an action word for the final sentence: View, See, Learn, etc.

NetSuite SEO: Cautions

  • Do not duplicate Meta Description tags from one page to another – these should be unique.
  • Do not use non-alphanumeric characters, especially quote marks (as they cause Google to truncate your description).

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