How to Use Twitter for Business: Art of Attracting Twitter Influencers

You’re busy finding great content to post to Twitter – articles, white papers, blog posts, anything with a URL. It’s a great play because you get to add value to your audience without the effort required to craft an original work. If you really want to catch this strategy on fire, harness the power of the influencers who are writing the content you’re distributing. That’s how to use Twitter for business.

Most of you are probably referencing their Twitter handles in your tweets (if not, start doing this today – it just takes a little research, but it’s worth the hassle). It would look something like:

Kiss Singer Gene Simmons’ 5 Favorite ‘Elevated’ Horror Movies #horror #kissarmy via @korygrow @rollingstone

@korygrow is the Twitter handle for a Rolling Stone magazine journalist: Kory Grow. By adding his Twitter handle, we’ve alerted him to our post. We’ve also made it accessible to his Twitter audience.

Bonus Tip:

if you add a reference to the publication – you’ll engage a typically larger audience and create the potential for the publication to interact with you). What we’re secretly hoping for is the influencer will do at least one of four things (in order of preference):

  1. Retweet (engaging his followers, increasing our Klout score* based on engagement from a high Klout score individual)
  2. Reply (same effect as retweeting)
  3. Follow us (while this has less of an impact on our Klout score, it indicates an influencer finds us interesting – a relationship has started. We can now communicate via Twitter direct message)
  4. Favorite the tweet (if we receive none of the above, at least we know they saw our post and appreciated our effort – may have a slight impact on our Klout score)

Now, if you really want to get an influencer’s attention, add an image to your post. But wait, not just an ordinary image – you’ll want to spice it up with a text treatment that tells the story of the content you’re referencing. One more thing – make sure you reference the author and publication – just like in the tweet. Here’s an example:

Gene Simmons - How to use Twitter for business

Learn How to use Twitter for Business – then Shout it Out Loud!.

So get busy enhancing your curated tweets – the influencer attention will pay off. And, if it seems like too much work – contact us, we’d be happy to do this work for you. We’ll even find the content that your audience will find valuable.

*Klout score is not an end in itself – it’s simply a 3rd party measurement of our effectiveness across social media. If it is going up, we’re probably doing it right.

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