Linkedin Marketing: How to Block Competitors from Tracking You


Here’s the situation. You want to use Linkedin Marketing – finding and building relationships with the right people (influencers and decision makers) at companies or organizations you’ve targeted. What’s holding you back is the thought of your competitors monitoring your profile for any new relationships. What’s more is the fear that you’ll do the education (the hard work) on your product or service, and your competition will then swoop in to tell them why they’re a better choice. If that fear is real for you (as it is for a few of our clients), you can relax.

The problem is easy to solve.

This will sound scary at first, but you have to visit the profiles of competitors you suspect of corporate espionage. Don’t worry – once you’ve taken care of the issue, they’ll never know you were there, and you’ll have secured your Linkedin marketing efforts from their prying eyes! Let’s get started. Visit a bothersome profile and click the little down arrow next to “Send a message” in the blue – it’s just down and to the right from their profile picture. Then, toward the bottom, click “Block or report”.

Linkedin Marketing

That will bring up the pop-up window below. You’ll want to check the first box to block (unless they’re a spammer – then check “Report” or check both). Then, click “Continue”.


Finally, you’ll receive a confirmation screen. It’s important to note the person you’re blocking will NOT receive a notification. So, you don’t have to feel like they’ll be on to your mad scheme to block them, or worse – give them any satisfaction (like they’re getting to you). Once you click “Agree”, you won’t be able to access each other’s profiles or message each other. You’ll no longer appear connected (if you were). You probably hadn’t endorsed or recommended each other, but if you did – those endorsements and recommendations are gone. You also won’t get any suggestions from Linkedin to interact with them any more. If you want more information on blocking – here’s the run down from Linkedin.


If you’re ready – DO IT! Click “Agree” and say goodbye to the spy! When Linkedin has done the dirty deed, you’ll get this small, green confirmation of the action:


That’s it, and Good riddance!  Your competitors can no longer view your profile or contacts. You can get back to Linkedin marketing with confidence.

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