29 11, 2012

Top 2 Most Commonly Confused Filters in Google Analytics

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NetSuite user or not, there are two Google Analytics filters that get confused more than any other two. It's the difference between "new" visitors and "unique" visitors. There's a difference, but before we get into that - why should you care? From a marketing perspective, it's important if you're trying to measure the impact of [...]

23 11, 2012

How to Create an Early Warning System to Protect Your Business

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The quicker your system tells you about a problem or an improvement, the quicker you can take action. In this post, you're going to learn how to create/install an early warning system for your business (like a canary in a coal mine). The underlying framework is called Recency | Frequency | Monetary modeling or RFM, [...]

13 11, 2012

No.1 Conversion Secret for NetSuite Ecommerce Companies

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  This really shouldn't be a surprise, but improving conversion (visitors becoming customers or leads) is the single most important ecommerce strategy available for increasing your online revenue. And, sales is really the only reason to have a NetSuite eCommerce website. Now that's not the secret, but it sets the stage.  Pin it and read [...]

6 11, 2012

5 Mobile Considerations with NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce

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Clearly, you have to applaud the use of responsive web design (RWD) in SuiteCommerce. What that means is your NetSuite website can adjust dynamically to any device (iPad, iPhone, Android, etc.). This is counter to building a separate version of your website for each device category - which requires more effort, but typically produces a [...]