Quick Hack to Get Your Executives Active on Twitter & Facebook

This is a quick hack to get your executives participating on Twitter in a meaningful and consistent way. As long as they read things that pertain to your business, this only requires a minor modification to their natural process. And, it will deliver at least three benefits:

  1. Influencers for your market will appreciate your thought leadership and social references to their works.
  2. Your brand will build trust by sharing what your executives individually view as important thoughts – thoughts worth sharing (borrowed from TED).
  3. Your executives learn more. This hack might begin a friendly competition on devouring and sharing the best parts of books, journals, and blog posts relevant to your industry and the verticals you serve.
  4. Your employees will learn what is important to your executives – and they’ll know what to read to elevate themselves.

One thing executives don’t have is time. They must apply themselves where they believe will best impact the interests of the organization. So, when we as marketers ask them to make time for social media – while they may hear us, they typically won’t comply. The most powerful tactic was discussed in the post “4 Steps to Killer Twitter Automation“. In this post, you’ll learn how to leverage Amazon’s Kindle software to get your executives (and yourself) sharing relevant and valuable content on Twitter and Facebook.


This assumes executives read frequently, and they focus on material that is relevant to their careers (including their industries and the industries of their customers). It also assumes they highlight passages in the books they read to make them easier to find later. Finally, it assumes that they read on an electronic device (iPad, Kindle, Smartphone, etc.). If all three of those assumptions are true, all we need to do is convert their highlighting into sharing, where all that is shared appears on the corporate Twitter and/or Facebook accounts.


If your executives don’t use electronic devices to read – this may be more difficult. You’ll need to get them to adopt a new behavior (can be ridiculously difficult). I recommend purchasing a Kindle Touch (about $70) for each executive and setting them up as outlined below. You should also add the top five industry relevant books to each.

The process outlined here is for adapting a Kindle App on a smartphone. It will take less than a minute. You can do the same thing on some of the less popular readers.

Step 1

Open Kindle on the device. Here’s what my home Kindle screen looks like:




Step 2

Touch the three horizontal bars in the upper left. That will bring you to this screen:




Step 3

Touch the “Settings” item with the gear icon to the right. That will bring you to this screen:




Step 4

Now touch the “Social Networks” item with “Link  >” to the right. The following screen will appear:




Step 5

Touch Twitter. If you want to do Facebook, you’ll follow the same process as outlined below. The next screen will look like this:




Step 6

Enter the login information for your corporate Twitter account. If you have multiple accounts, connect to the most relevant for the person using this device. Once you touch “Authorize app”, the next screen will look like this:


Congratulations – this Kindle app is linked to your corporate Twitter account. Now what?



Instruct your executives to go to the books they’re reading, and when they find a passage they believe would be beneficial for customers, employees, other executives within the company, analysts, and influencers.

Step 1

Highlight by pressing on the first word and holding until they can drag and highlight the intended passage. It should look like this:




Step 2

Touch the icon to the far right  – it looks like this:Kindle-share-icon

That will bring you to a screen that looks like:




Step 3

Touch Twitter (unless you want to share on Facebook). That will reveal this screen:




The example I used was more personal in nature. For your executives, it would be nice to provide them with the corresponding Twitter handles for each of the authors they read. Whenever possible they should include a very brief comment introducing the passage and including “via @authorstwitterhandle”. This will alert the author and some of their followers to your company’s interest in their topic and that you’re actively sharing their thoughts. This is a great way to encourage LOVE from your influencers. The author of the book I’m referencing above died in 1851 of tuberculosis.

Step 4

When they are pleased with their note – touch “Share”. It will immediately appear on the corporate Twitter account. Here’s what my post looked like:


And, here is what they will see when they click the link within the post:




That is it!!! Now go bring your Twitter account to life with meaningful, executive-curated content.

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